Contact Centre -Improving CSAT

A successful migration to the new server


A FTSE 100 Insurance provider invested in Google CCAI (Contact Centre AI), NLP & Twilio (PaaS telephony) to underpin contact centre operations, supporting 200K calls per month, 3k agents and a multitude of voice and data channels. Critical success factors included improving CSAT scores and customer experience, but business complexities and a myriad of customer journeys created challenges that required a Data Guided approach to identify where improvements could be made. The company wanted to drive all initiatives and use cases, with data at the centre and needed bring in expertise to create a framework where data could tell them which initiatives could be improved upon.


Working across business and technology departments, we ran workshops to define what data meant. We studied the overall business strategy, spoke to the data team to ascertain the data strategy, and then created data strategy for the contact centre department. This also included, customer contact data strategy aligned with the overall business and data strategy, departments data vision, various data assets and the role of data and analytics that will play in the overall initiatives.


A concise data strategy for customer contact which had touched the following areas and made recommendations on gaps:

  • Why Data Guided is Important
  • Organisations Executive Data Strategy
  • Data Vision
  • Team Structure
  • Technology Stack
  • Pathway to “Data Guided”

The strategy provided, clearly showed the skills required to drive data initiatives, the various data assets and their role within the initiatives and a pathway to be data guided.

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