Housing -Finance Transformation

A successful migration to the new server


A leading social housing provider’s Finance department wanted to modernise their financial MI/BI platform by moving from an unsupported legacy platform to MS Azure. The legacy platform had performance bottlenecks and limited insight, reconciliation and visualisation capabilities that involved a lot of manual touchpoints to ensure governance adherence.


We socialised, introduced and coached the delivery teams with the agile delivery process, and implemented the same using MS DevOps and WIKI boards. We handheld each staff in evolving their acceptance to the SCRUM methodology.

Working with the business and technology, we ran workshops to define what needs to be delivered, the pipeline of delivery artefacts, archiving strategy, reconciliation strategy and support operating model.


  • Ensured business continuity by migrating finance data to a supported scalable platform.
  • Embedded agile principles within the team, highlighting CI/CD advantages and quality of delivered artefacts.
  • Reduced manual intervention by automating data reconciliation, thus increasing data confidence, data delivery and cost saving.

MS Power BI was used for data visualisation.

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