Education Dashboard

A successful migration to the new server


A technology company whose student social assessment product is used by schools wanted an visulisation dashboard that gave them the following information

  • Track students mental and physical wellbeing
  • Students / Class adherence to the survey
  • Students academic threshold level


To design a Tableau dashboard that took the assessment data from SQL Server and displayed concise and clear information about

  • Student adherence to survey
  • Academic threshold
  • Physical and mental wellbeing spectrum

The above information presented with filters across district/town and state/county with monthly view. Behind the monthly concise view one could also drill down to view which topics or class needed the focussed attention that it deserves.


  • Single authoritative dashboard that is being referenced by many ‘teachers’ to plan and coordinate activities based on students voice.
  • Increase in student wellbeing (tracked through monthly views)
  • Operational efficiency of education planning
  • Assiting / Focussing on students need based on their feedback.
  • Uplift of student education level
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